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Heat Exchange and Dehumidification

SG America, a member of the Seibu Giken Co., Ltd. worlwide family of companies, is a leader in heat exchange and dehumidifcation. Products include the following:

HI-PANEX -- Total enthalpy-ion or sensible heat exchange wheels and cassettes to pretreat outside air, thus lowering the cost of air conditioning and improving indoor air quality (IAQ)



SSCR Rotors / SSCR Cassettes -- Rotors are the most advanced desiccant technology available in a dehumidifier rotor.
Cassettes are ready to incorporate into air handling systems

DrySorb -- Integrated desiccant dehumidification and vapor compression cooling technologies, utilizing SSCR rotors

E-Save -- The first desiccant dehumidifier product line designed for use with a microturbine power generator

DryStar -- A family of products designed for water damage restoration, spot drying and temporary humidity control

To learn more about SG America products, visit the company's Web site.